Are you smarter than a crow?

Despite what one may have been brought up to believe, certain species of birds have a high enough intelligence to be able to solve multi-step puzzles that are beyond challenging for the average person.

BBC did a special on Dr. Alex Taylor trying to defeat one of the smartest crows he has ever seen in captivity, by setting up an eight-step puzzle for the bird to solve. The puzzle was described as “one of the most complex tests of the animal mind ever.”

The bird that is known as “007” for it’s sharp mind, quickly flies into the caged puzzle and spends just moments examining the puzzle before getting down to the gritty details of it. 007 seems to be perplexed by the difficult puzzle for only a brief moment before he tramples through the puzzle for his reward of food.

Crows have an unearthly parallel to the intricate memory skills of the human brain. Through numerous studies that have been performed over the years, scientists have learned that crows can identify peoples and animals faces, avoid places they recognize as being threatening and even communicate to one another about the details of an occurrence. You may look outside and see swarms of these scavengers in your yard and think nothing of them, but crows have been known for being problem solvers for decades. They are remarkable creatures that are often overlooked.