Kids slipping on ice are Hilarious

The idea of this video may come off as shockingly horrible and mean, but no one was injured (that was shown) and it really is not as bad as it sounds.

A father went to go pick up his children from school and was waiting in his car for them to come out. During that time, he kept seeing other kids falling down on an icy sidewalk right as they turned the corner.

The dad filming the video, named Alan, does quite the commentary during the entire six minutes of footage. He could even call out right when the pupils were about to slip. He wasn’t the only one that noticed the impending falls, as a group of girls slowly started gathering right by the icy patch to watch friends of theirs topple down.

At one point Alan says: ‘I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.’ As he hysterically continued to chuckle. When his daughter hops in the car she becomes his partner-in-crime and laughs along with her dad about the forthcoming falls. She even at one moment says “We are bad people.” while giggling through her words.