What happens when real women are Photoshopped


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All of the women came to the conclusion that the images didn’t represent who they really were. The serious editing of the photos removed all of the parts on the women that seemed to be imperfections, but really are what makes all of them beautiful in their own way. “I like my freckles, I think they add character,” one woman said. “And the fact that they’re gone… I don’t even know who that is.”

There has been a large stand recently of women not putting up with their photographs being edited to make them look outrageously fake. Aerie, a lingerie brand and sister store to American Eagle launched a campaign saying they will now only show their models un-touched by any digital editing, and will have models of all sizes to encourage women to be happy with their bodies. Their campaign continues on social media sites as they urge females to take photos of themselves in their true state, and upload the using the hashtag aerieREAL.